Friday, 30 May 2014

New Grampian Food Forum Chairman ‘Moooves’ In

We have great news in the Mitchells family, Keith has been appointed as Steering Group Chairman of the Grampian Food Forum.

The Grampian Food Forum is a partnership comprising senior members of the food and drink industry in the North East of Scotland and the main development agencies in the area, and provides an opportunity for companies from different sectors to learn from each other and to exchange ideas.

Keith said: “I am delighted to take on the position as I see the food and drink industry as a valuable contributor to the local economy. The Grampian Food Forum, which was established in 1993, has a great story to tell and I am keen to encourage food and drink businesses to get involved and benefit from the well established network of contacts that has been built up”. 

His right hand lady will not be his wife Judy, however, it will be Claire Rennie, founder of Berry Scrumptious, an innovative local business producing berry flavoured confectionery using their own fruit from the farm near Fraserburgh and now a new range of Summerhouse Drinks. 

According to the “North-east Food and Drink Sector Survey 2014” the industry continues to deliver premium products and services and supports around 22,000 jobs in the area.

This will only increase as 2015 is the Year of Food and Drink and the Grampian Food Forum is preparing for a busy year including VisitScotland Expo and Roots Europe Conference 

Bringing many visitors both from abroad and in the UK to the area who will sample the quality produce that is readily available, so Keith and Claire will have their hands full. 

The GFF runs many different events such as the Innovation Awards, the Dining Club, and is also a partner in the Taste of Grampian one-day food and drink festival, which takes place on Saturday, 7 June. 

This is where we were approached by one of Paul Hollywood’s staff which led to our oatcakes and Judy being on national television, so this event holds a great place in our hearts and Keith is very proud to be a part of it. 

We are proud of Keith, and Keith is proud of this honour and can’t wait to get to work as the new Grampian Food Forum Chairman!

If you want to find out more about Keith’s involvement in the GFF and how Mitchells encourages healthy eating and sustainability, and helps contribute to the local community in Inverurie, please feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

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