Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who is the Second Best Traditional Business in Britain?

Yes, that would be Mitchells!

The finalists of the 2011 Scottish, English and Welsh Countryside Alliances awards were invited to the British finals ceremony which was held in the Cholmondeley Room at the House of Lords on 30th March 2011. The judges had their work cut out for them this year as there were dozens of strong contenders for the title. The judging panel is chaired by the Countryside Alliance Executive Committee.

As the Scottish winner, Mitchells was there for this exciting event. Keith and Judy Whyte, both partners at Mitchells, traveled to London for the big day to pick up their award and mingle with other invited guests including chef, TV personality and former barrister, Clarissa Dixon Wright.

Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Alice Barnard told the reception:  

“This family business has been supplying its local communities and businesses since the 1920s and is still a popular and much loved part of this remote rural area. For many, the era of milk deliveries is behind them and reliance is put on supermarkets for milk and cream, so we are proud to celebrate this excellent business which is retaining traditional values and service. With Mitchells continuing to offer door to door deliveries, coupled with exceptional local produce, we need not fear that the role of the milkman is finished. Here’s to a traditional business that can still thrive and offer great service in this era of one-stop convenience.

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

We are proud of the brand...

“Mitchells isn’t just about the logo and it’s presentation ... it’s about the company’s ethos, it’s values and it’s people all of which are reflected in our name.”

For four generations Mitchells have been farming in the heart of rural Aberdeenshire and the third and fourth generation, who are currently at the helm, are as strongly committed to providing the very best locally produced milk and cream as the founders Elijah and Agnes Mitchell. At Mitchells we pride ourselves on our levels of service and commitment to local produce which is something that sets us apart from our competitors and our attention to customer needs and personal service has resulted in great satisfaction from our customers.

The Mitchell herd produce only the finest milk and cream for our customers ensuring quality you can really taste!

Mitchells deliver, in our own fleet of vehicles, to households throughout Aberdeenshire offering a whole range of produce in addition to Mitchells milk and cream - yoghurts, eggs, orange juice, potatoes and, in rural areas, the Press & Journal newspaper.

We also deliver Mitchells milk and Mitchells cream to the most discerning hotels, restaurants, catering establishments, shops and offices in Aberdeen City and throughout the North East.

We are renowned for our fine foods both in our Grocery Shop and our Restaurant, which are situated in the centre of Inverurie, where the choice is endless and of course includes Granny Mitchells Home Made Traditional Oatcakes.

The shop is still packed with the best of Mitchells produce and a delicatessen area offering fine foods and quality wines from around the globe.

Mitchells Hampers, brimming full of the best of local fare are sent to all parts of the world allowing people the world over to enjoy a taste of Garioch luxury.